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H.A.L.O. Campaign

Helping And Leading Others – to be stronger, better, happier and healthier. With your support, The Jackie Nitschke Center can grow their wellness community and continue its mission of providing treatment to those who struggle with substance abuse. Your support will help those addicted to substances fight relentless demons, and win. Your support will help families stay together, and heal together. Your support will help change lives, and save lives.

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The Jackie Nitschke Center H.A.L.O. Campaign —
To raise $2 million to meet the community's substance abuse challenge.
Our goal is to double the number of clients we serve in the next three years.

Jackie's Legacy Treatment
Scholarship Program
Goal: $1,000,000

• We award two scholarships each month at a value of $7,500. One scholarship covers 6 months of treatment expenses for an individual and his or her family members.

- Scholarship recipients are asked to contribute what they can afford, to invest themselves.

Building Improvements Fund
Goal: $500,000
  • The Jackie Nitschke Center purchased a facility adjacent to our campus that will be used for expansion, to include our new multi-day family treatment program, meeting space for 12-Step Support Group meetings and new office space.
    • Renovation expenses are $190,000 and include:
      • Replace 2 boilers and chiller
      • Replace roof
      • Install computer network
      • Carpentry
      • Enlarge 2 bathrooms (ADA)
      • Furnishings
      • Carpet/painting/remodeling
  • Additional improvements are needed on other Jackie Nitschke Center facilities.
    • Increase capacity at our Sandy Fabry House – $100,000
    • Maintenance and repairs on 5 facilities – $50,000
Psychiatric and Medical Services
Goal: $300,000
  • Increase time at facility working with underinsured clients and providing clinical direction/training for staff. Estimated $60,000/year. (Annual gift opportunity)
  • Utilize the services of the agency medical director
Endowment Fund
Goal: $200,000
  • To sustain the Jackie Nitschke Center mission long term.
We are extremely honored to be co-chairs of this remarkable effort to support
the Jackie Nitschke Center. There is no greater service than helping people heal
and regain a happy, productive, hopeful life. We are proud to be a part of
that endeavor and encourage everyone to JOIN US.
Beverly and James Lofton

The Value the Jackie Nitschke Center Brings

The Jackie Nitschke Center ensures investments work to heal
clients and their families so they can lead productive lives.

Superior Residential Completion Rate

More than DOUBLE the
completion rate compared
to national average.

Completion Chart

High Value Delivered
Back to the Community

For every $1 spent in treatment,
$7.46 in value is delivered to the community.

Value Chart
Addiction is a serious issue in Northeast Wisconsin. One of every two phone calls
we receive is from someone who cannot afford to pay for his or her treatment.
Your support in this campaign will allow us to continue our mission of
DJ Long, Jr., Board President

The Impact of Substance Abuse
In Brown County and All Of Wisconsin
Is Staggering.*

In 2012, JUST 10% of substance abusers in Wisconsin entered treatment, a total of 50,200

$318 Million is the annual
economic cost of alcohol

25% of Wisconsin's alcohol
users binge drink – LEADING

1,748 alcohol and 633
IN 2012

$1,283 is the cost impact
of alcohol abuse for EACH

68% of substance abuse is
alcohol related; 14% is
heroin/opiate related

*Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use, 2014

Not only am I alive and sober today, but I am actually LIVING LIFE AGAIN!
I have rejoined the "real" world and have become a productive
and contributing member of society, my family,
and the recovery community.
Jackie's Legacy Scholarship recipient

Investment Opportunities

To create a legacy of your generosity, we are offering specific opportunities that include naming rights.

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Investment Opportunities

To create a legacy of your generosity, we are offering
specific opportunities that include NAMING RIGHTS.

The Residential Facility $200,000
The Family Center $150,000
The Reception Area $50,000
Intake Rooms (3) each $15,000
Offices (8) each $10,000
Family Program $100,000
Family Program Group Rooms (3) each $50,000
Family Program Dining Room $25,000

If you are interested in joining this fight against substance abuse in our community, please contact Bill LaBine at 920-435-2093.

Jackie Nitschke Center

The New Family Center


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Jackie Nitschke Center


WELCOMING. COMFORTABLE. SAFE. That's how the NEW Jackie Nitschke Family Center will look and feel. For those in need of help fighting substance abuse, and the families that love them, the space will be open and inviting, warm and friendly. It will be a haven of hope, health, and healing.

Entrance Reception Waiting Area

Jackie Nitschke Center


Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Jackie Nitschke
campus will be

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

To fulfill all aspects of its mission to help save lives and heal families, the Jackie Nitschke campus will be expanded. Service locations are separate, yet close to one another to assure cohesive operation.